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Learning To Love Yourself

Learning to Love Yourself

We all want to love ourselves, I highly doubt someone doesn’t.

Today I want to talk about something I have been struggling for all of my life. I believe we can all get to have the same problem. Luckily some don’t and I truly admire those people. But my problem has been loving myself.

We all want to love ourselves, I highly doubt someone doesn’t. But it can be very hard to get to that point with the society we live in. Being judged all the time or aspiring to look like others makes it even harder.

Well here I have gathered some opinions/tips on how to fight this. I will begin to use these in hope of loving myself more from now on.

Do whatever YOU want to do

Whose life is it? Yours or others? If there is something you want to do, wear, or eat. DO IT. If it makes you happy and you really want it then go for it.

Don’t think if others will find it okay, unless it can affect them, think about yourself first. This might sound selfish but once you begin thinking about yourself everything is so much better.

Stay positive +

This might be the hardest for me but I believe it is the most important. Being positive even for the worst case can make your life easier.

When I find myself in a positive attitude even things are not going how they should I realize I let it go quicker. Being positive will also keep you happy during the day and we all love to be happy, right?

Learning to Love Yourself

Keep good influences near

I could not survive a day without my group of friends and family supporting me every day. They are always listening to my problems and yet never bring me down.

They are all my biggest support and make me a better person. Without their positive energy I would not be were I am at.

Learning to Love Yourself

If you keep on thinking in changing, then change

I am about 24/7 thinking about my weight. It is an issue that has been frustrating me for years and I just want to change. But I always fall in the complaining stage and never in the doing something about it stage.

Right now, as I always say, I will actually begin to eat healthy because that is one of my main issues. I eat chocolate and junk food all the time and that has to change.

Whenever I eat healthy even for just a day I just feel so much better and with more energies. Wish me luck!

If someone is bringing you down, talk to them

There are times where it is not our fault that we are feeling down. For example, I have had days were someone is not treating me well.

As days go on I can see their attitude affecting my mood. What I do is that I ask if they are okay or what I can do to improve our relationship. You need to talk to them because they might now know you are being affected.

Learning to Love Yourself

Share the love

Here in the city there are a lot of homeless people. I do whatever I can to help them. On Monday, as I was walking to work, it was raining a lot. I was wearing sandals (dumb of me) because my flats can get uncomfortable.

Then, I saw a man asking for money and he had no shoes on. I could not leave him like that, so I offered him my sandals. He rejected them after me insisting, so there was nothing I could do.

But that intention that I had made me feel so good about myself. Made me believe there is a good instinct in all of us.

Learning to Love Yourself

Set goals for yourself

A good daily reminder of your for loving yourself can be goals. On a piece of paper, your computer, phone or whatever you have make daily goals to improve.

They can be something like “think only about good things”, “be positive today”, “help someone”, “treat yourself”, and so on. Hopefully this can be of help. Always remember you are amazing!

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